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Juan Solo

Style: Tepache lager
ABV:   5.8%
Grain: Vienna, Munich, Pilsner
Hops:  Ariana
Extra: Pineapples, Jalapenos, Piloncillo, Cinnamon
Fermented with Kveik
Tasting notes: lightly bready base with a rush of pineapple and a touch of pepper and cinnamon brown sugar
Pair with: all the Tacos

Brewer's notes:


One of the best (worst?) things you can do is tell me you don't really care for beer. I take that as a challenge and I will set out to - if not convert you, at least to find a beer you will enjoy. So it goes with our head chef Juan. Sure there was last year's Tepache beer and Ponche at Christmastime - both beers he said he liked - but I don't think I've fully won him over to the beer side. So when he jokingly asked me when I was going to name a beer after him, I decided it was time to try again.

This is similar to last year's T.S.Bocce. I took another beer in our portfolio (Solo Silo last year, Nothing On this year) and blended it with a Tepache concoction. That is to say, pineapples, piloncillo, cinnamon and - new this year - roasted jalapenos for just a kiss of heat.


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