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T.S. Ponche

Style: Belgian Dark Strong with fruit and spice
ABV:   10.0%​
Grain: Pale, Munich, Special B, Aromatic​
Hops:  Magnum
Yeast: Trappist​
Extras: Belgian candi syrups, guavas, dates, tamarinds, oranges, ceylon cinnamon
Tasting notes: dates, plums, cinnamon, caramel syrup
Pair with: The Gift of Bacon, Asian Pork, TSB Hot Waffles 

Brewer's notes:

I'm always looking for new flavors and new ways to involve non-brewers in the brewing process. I was able to do both with this one. Earlier this year when I brewed the tepache T.S. Bocce, one of our bartenders told me about a ponche he would mix around Christmas time. I'd never heard of that before and honestly didn't even know what a tamarind was, but I knew I wanted to brew it. Fast forward to December and I happen to have a whole bunch of Belgian Quad in a tank, ready to be ponchefied. I enlist our head chef Juan to make some ponche and we blend it all together and add it to some of the beer and it's delicious. 

I don't want to give too much away about the base, un-ponchefied beer, as that will be its own release soon enough. But I will say that it's over 10% ABV and incredibly sneaky. In other words, it's the perfect punch to finish off a year that's a bit of a sucker punch itself. Salud!

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