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Nothing On (Maibock)

Style: Maibock / Helles Bock
ABV:   7.7%
Grain: Pilsner, Vienna, Munich​
Hops:  Ariana
Yeast: Kveik​
Tasting notes: sourdough toast, herbal, berry, peach candy ring, 
Pair with: BTYF Pretzel, Summer Salad, Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich or Taco

Brewer's notes:

This is a re-brew of the very first beer we made at Twin Span. The building wasn't finished being built yet and we didn't have a functional RO source yet (read more about that here) but we were determined to start brewing. And we started brewing with a lager - which from a technical perspective is quite a bit more challenging than ales such as IPAs. Which in retrospect is either very bold or very foolish. The brew day was a disaster - I didn't hit my numbers and it holds the record as the longest brew day yet. I was certain no one would like the beer, but surprisingly, happily, people loved it.

I'm happy and excited that on the eve of our 1-year anniversary, I'm able to bring this beer back. This brew day was uneventful. I hit my numbers and got home before dinner.

This beer is a tribute to what may be my favorite beer. It's at least my "dessert island beer" - that beer one would pick if they could only have one beer for the rest of their life. This beer isn't an attempt at cloning it, but just embodying its spirit. It's bigger and bolder - boozier, bolder, more bitter, hoppier than what the style calls for. Like brewing a challenging style in an active construction site, it's very bold.


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