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Some More S'mores

Style: Export Stout with s'mores
ABV:   7.0%
Grain: Vienna, Munich, Chocolate, Pale Chocolate, Roast Barley
Hops:  Magnum
Extra: chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker flavor, lactose
Fermented with American ale yeast

Tasting notes: chocolate

Pair with: Hot Waffle, Twin Span Wings, BBQ Piggy flatbread, friends around a campfire

Brewer's notes:

We released a small batch variant of Steel Beam last year with s'mores flavoring. It was one of our most popular releases in the series and I've had it on my "to-brew" schedule since then. At the same time, I really enjoyed the grain profile of Father of Pearl, our oyster stout released early this year. It was brewed with German grains that you never see in a stout. Their flavor combination though was toasty and a bit like black bread. My plan was to bring that back as one of my favorite styles, Foreign Extra Stout (essentially an amplified version of Extra Stout, which we released as Steel Beam). At some point, these different beers I had in mind coalesced into the single beer you see before you.

This was a fun beer to brew and share with you. Hopefully, this beer takes you back to your best campfire memories and is a part of your future campfire memories.


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