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R.I.A. I.P.A 

Style: Fruited Hazy
ABV:   6.1%​
Grain: Pale Ale, Oats, Wheat​
Hops:  Citra, Amarillo, El Dorado
Yeast: English Ale​
Extra: blood orange puree
Tasting notes: orange juice, grapefruit, white bread
Pair with: Tuna Poke, Fall Salad, Pork Belly Mac and Cheese

Brewer's notes:

When the good folks at the R.I.A. Federal Credit Union approached us about doing a collaboration, my curiosity was piqued. I wasn't aware of any brewery-credit union collaborations out there. I'm still not aware of any. But after chatting with them a bit, I could tell they had a good taste in beer and good intentions. They wanted this to be a good-cause beer. A portion of each sale goes to The Honor Flight of the Quad Cities. With a long line of veterans in my family, I can certainly get behind that.

As for what beer to brew, we thought it would be fun to play off their company acronym with a beer style acronym - and no beer style acronym is more ubiquitous than I.P.A. We could have gone with a Red IPA (R.I.A.R.I.P.A.) or even a Red Rye IPA (the mouthful of an R.I.A.R.R.I.P.A.), but I'd been playing with Amarillo hops and they come off as super orangey to me, so why not lean into that? We added a gallon of blood red orange puree per barrel of hazy IPA to nudge up that orange flavor and add a hint of red color. This is a limited batch so stop in and grab some today!


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