Our Certified Cicerone® head brewer has dialed in these recipes over years of brewing, drawing inspiration from classic styles and new experiments and trends. Enjoy a wide array of ales and lagers of all strengths and sizes expertly made in our brewery.
Last updated: 10/20/2020
The Gold

This British Golden Ale is built on a biscuity Golden Promise malt backbone and features El Dorado hops. At a crushable 3.9% ABV, it also happens to be much more accessible than the fabled City of Gold.

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British Golden Ale, ABV 3.9%

Steel Beam

(Variants: Nitro, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, more to come...)

Inspired by the sessionable yet flavorful stouts made by village breweries in Ireland, Steel Beam is built with a sturdy base of Irish and English malts as well as a healthy addition of rolled oats.

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Irish Extra Stout, ABV 4.5%

Pumpkin Pylon

Leaning into the rich creaminess of pumpkin bars and pumpkin pie, this beer is a dessert first and a spice beer second. So let the haters hate. That just means more pumpkin beer for the rest of us.

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Pumpkin Beer, ABV 6.0%

Ryetoberfest (and Rye-Rye)

German tradition and pragmatism take a back seat to this malty yet crisp lager with a you-really-shouldn't-use-that-much amount of rye malt. Sehr verboten! Sehr lecker! 

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Rye Märzen / Oktoberfest, 5.2%

80 East Series

A series of hazy / New England IPAs built on the same recipe but featuring a different hop each time. Intense juicy hops and a pillowy soft body every time. 

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Hazy / New England IPA


An old school German lager. Unfiltered to give a soft bready malty flavor and body against spicy floral hops. Prost!

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Keller Pils / German lager, 6.1%

Red Red Redemption

An intensely malty and hoppy Red IPA. Toast and caramel along with piney citrusy spicy Centennial and Liberty hops. 

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Red IPA, 8.0%


The clouds of summer have rolled away and have been replaced with the dark storm clouds of autumn and winter. Notes of black bread or pumperknickel with plenty of banana and clove, this beer is ready to withstand the elements.

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Dunkelweizen / Dunkles Weissbier, 5.6%

SVL (Scottish Very Light)

The sun rises over the Scottish Highlands, casting light and shadow amongst the ancient storied hills. In the distance, you hear a slurp and a belch and you know it's time for SVL.

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Scottish Light Ale, 2.3%

Wallaby & Platypus

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented hops. We're going down under for this one - light and refreshing with biscuit, a hint of caramel, and a punch of hops. You call that a knife?

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Australian Sparkling / Pale Ale, 5.1%

Solo Silo
A tribute to Iowan farmers and their farmlands, Solo Silo is a fusion between ale and lager, German and American. German malt mixed with corn and American hops, fermented right between ale and lager temperatures. Expect fresh baked bread, sweet corn, and just a little fruit and spice in this easy drinker.

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Kölsch-style with corn, 4.9%




Liffey Lager

Much like its namesake in Dublin, Ireland, this beer bridges styles and eras of brewing. Using English malts as well as heirloom barley and corn, Liffey is a mix of English ale and American Pre-Prohibition Lager

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Pre-Prohibition Lager, 5.6%

80 North

Our brewer headed out toward a traditional west coast IPA, but must have taken a wrong turn. This beer grew to a monstrous 9.7% ABV. There are loads of resiny and citrusy west coast hops supported by a firm malt backbone.

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American Strong Ale, 9.7%

Coming Soon...

Panna Moon

A deep cut for a deep beer. Black as the furthest reaches of space, with complex malt, but enough honey to keep things dry. Bourbon barrel aged.

Bine Bridge IPL

You got lager on my IPA! 

You got IPA on my lager!


If you're the kind of person that picked up on both nerdy references in this beer's name, I would like to be your best friend. 

Outa Thyme

We're taking this Wit up to 88mph with a hefty addition of fresh thyme. Great Scott!

La Jefe

I know it's not proper Spanish, but keep drinking and you'll get the joke. 

Gone but not forgotten...


English Brown Ale, 4.8%

Nothing On

Maibock, ABV 7.2% 

The Davenporter

Pre-Prohibition Porter, 5.8%

Cherry Pylon

Fruited Belgian Amber, 5.5%

Moliner Weisse

Berliner Weisse, 6.0%

The Archcuke

Fruit Beer, 4.9%


Dampfbier, 5.4%

Blueberry Cheesecake Cloudbridge

Fruited Weizen, 5.4%

Red Red Damnation

Red IPA w/Carolina Reapers, 8.0%

Ramp 9

Tripel, 8.9%

Apple Pylon

Fruit Beer 7.0%

Mango Milkshake IPA

Fruit IPA, 6.5%

Peach Silo

Fruit Beer, 4.9%


Hefeweizen, 5.6%