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Janet's Brown Ale


Style: American Brown Ale
ABV:   7.4%​
Grain: Pale Ale, Crystal, Wheat, Carafoam, Chocolate​
Hops:  Northern Brewer, Cascade, Centennial
Yeast: English Ale​
Tasting notes: toffee, plums, citrus and pine
Pair with: Tex-Mex Fajitas, Backyard Brisket

Brewer's notes:

Homebrewing as a hobby is expensive enough - both in terms of time and money - that most every brewer that has been at it for more than a few months is in it for the right reasons. They're driven by creativity and the fun of problem solving. Recipe innovation largely comes from homebrewers, who have far less to lose with a failed recipe than a pro brewer. I like to think of myself as still somewhat of a homebrewer, even though I exclusively brew professionally these days. I stay plugged into the local homebrew scene so I was eager to host one of the official homebrewer holidays, Big Brew Day.


Big Brew Day is held on the first Saturday in May each year to celebrate the legalization of the homebrewing hobby. Homebrewers are encouraged to brew together and at noon, raise a world-wide toast to the hobby. The American Homebrewers Association publishes two or three recipes each year and encourage participants to brew them. This beer is one of the two for this year's Big Brew I brewed in advance so that it would be on tap for brewers while they made it.

This recipe is well known to most homebrewers. It was created by legendary homebrewer Mike "Tasty" McDole and made popular through podcasts, magazines, and competitions. It's a solid recipe full of rich toasty malt balanced with a ridiculous amount of citrusy American hops. Tasty named the beer in honor of his late wife, and late last year, Tasty joined his wife. Many are brewing this beer for Big Brew in honor of him. So, raise a glass to honor the hobby, Tasty, and all of those we lost this past year.


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