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Fast Peach

Style: Pale Ale
ABV:   6.1%
Grain: Vienna, Golden Naked Oats
Hops:  Evergreen
Extra: peach puree
Fermented with English yeast
Tasting notes: fresh wheat bread, peaches, candied pears
Pair with: The Gift of Bacon, Traditional Pepperoni flatbread

Brewer's notes:

Last summer, we released Peach Silo, our Kolsch style ale with loads of peaches added to it. It was pretty awesome. I wanted to revisit that recipe this summer, but push it in a slightly different direction. Let the peach bring sweetness, but balance it out with hop bitterness into something highly sessionable. I swapped out the corn from Peach Silo with oats and sourced the peachiest hops out there, then added a ton of peach puree. 

No romantic backstory, no obscure scientific techniques, just a pale ale with supporting peach flavors, perfect for summer weather.

Cheers ! 

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