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Berry Kate and Ashley

Style: fruited Berliner Weisse
ABV:   6.2%
Grain: Pilsner, Oats
Hops:  Jarrylo
Extra: blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, lactose
Fermented with GMO sour yeast
Tasting notes: pink lemonade, berry smoothie, sourdough
Pair with: Roasted Cobb Salad, Whole Hog Burger, Cochinita Pibil taco, The Fig flatbread

Brewer's notes:

The popularity of Cool Phone Bro proved that you all like your fruited sours. For this beer, I took that recipe and turned everything up a few notches - more grain, more oats, more lactose, more fruit, and more sour for more flavor. I added almost 150 pounds of fresh fruit puree into this beer - that's literal buckets of fruit - to get that intense fruit flavor and lovely color.

As for the more sour bit - rather than tie up a kettle for a few days to incubate a lactic culture (and burn energy keeping the kettle warm for a few days), I tried out a new GMO yeast strain that sours while it ferments. We're at the cusp of a brewing revolution here as the major yeast labs are now getting into custom-made yeasts. There are yeasts that produce a ton of banana, or a ton of strawberry flavor without needing to actually add those fruits. And there's this one that produced our most sour beer yet, without a lactic culture. I'm really excited for the future holds here.


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