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West End of the Galaxy


Style: West Coast IPA
ABV:   7.5%
Grain: Pilsner, Maris Otter
Hops:  Galaxy, CTZ, Chinook
Fermented with Thiol-expressing yeast
Tasting notes: passion fruit, peach, pine resin

Pair with: Moho Tacos, Brisket sandwich

Brewer's Notes

I was on the local news program "Good Morning Quad Cities" a couple months ago teaching the hosts how to essentially taste beer like a beer judge. I was handed a hazy IPA from Adventurous Brewing to use as a reference beer. On trying to describe the aromas I was experiencing, I used the term "dank" - a word I think is way too broad and overused, but that's what my brain pulled out.

"Oh, you mean it's bad?" asked one of the hosts, to which I replied with a smirk, "No, like the Illinois side of the river." I'm not sure everyone everyone realized that was a pot reference, but it got a big laugh.

I could easily turn this into a long, rambling post about the value of a shared lexicon, but I like to keep these posts short. I brought up that anecdote because it got me thinking about how I could make the most "dank" IPA possible. 

Through various online forums, listicles, and my memory of ultra "dank" beers I've had in the past, I landed on Galaxy, CTZ, and Chinook. I also used a new yeast strain named "Star Party" to bump up the dank.


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