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Twin Sister


Style: Czech Amber Lager

ABV:   5.7%

Grain: Munich, English Pale, Pale Chocolate, Crystal Rye

Hops:  Liberty

Fermented with German lager yeast

Tasting notes: brown bread, caramel and chocolate, dried herbs

Pair with: BTYF pretzel, Whole Hog Burger, Loaded Fries

Brewer's Notes

I do have a twin sister named Amber. She might even really like this beer (she hasn't tried it yet). But between you, me, and whoever else reads this, this beer is named as such because it's a style known as a Czech Amber Lager.

It's a style near-impossible to find stateside, which is a shame. The couple of imports I've found are toasty, malty, crisp, with just a hint of butter and a whiff of flowery herbs. It scratches that itch of wanting something malty, but not sweet and heavy. The Czechs took over the world with their Pale Lager (Pilsner) so it only makes sense they would branch out with a darker, richer lager at some point.

And I suppose I could have given this a clever or punny name, but that would eschew the simple and straightforward nature of this beer. But there's actually a mix of English and German grain here, along with Slovenian hops, so I wouldn't call this beer simple. Best to just not worry about such things and instead, raise a glass to the Ambers of the world.

Na Zdravi!

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