Liquid Elvis


Style: Weizenbock
ABV:   7%
Grain: Pilsner, Wheat, Munich, Caramunich, Pale Chocolate
Hops:  Magnum, Hersbrucker
Extra: peanut butter
Fermented with Weizen yeast
Tasting notes: toasted bread with banana and peanut butter

Pair with: the Gift of Bacon, Whole Hog Burger

Brewer's Notes

The Quad Cities Symphony Orchestra approached us to work on a collaboration beer to promote one of their "Masterworks" series of concerts. My wife, kids, and myself all play multiple musical instruments so it was an easy decision to work with the local symphony orchestra. When they sent me the list of concerts, that too was an easy choice. Who doesn't want to pay tribute to Elvis?

Just as easy was to pick a style that would make sense. I knew Elvis had gone on record saying his favorite sandwich was peanut butter, banana, and bacon. I'd been wanting to brew another Weizenbock, which would bring the toast and banana flavors. I was already working with Peanut Butter on Shadow Density 01 so I had that readily available. All that was missing was bacon...

I've had bacon beers, so it was a conscious decision to leave it out here :) But we have bacon in the restaurant so it's going to be a BYOB affair. Cheers