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Lager Dam 14


Style: Pre-Prohibition Lager

ABV:   4.2%

Grain: Maris Otter, US 6-Row, Corn

Hops:  Liberty

Fermented with German Lager Yeast

Tasting notes: Floral and herbal aromatics feature prominently against light toast and earthy graininess.

Pair with: just about everything on our menu!

Brewer's Notes

I love learning about history. I can lose hours digging through long forgotten books online or in the special collections of a library. There's something thrilling about finding some bit of information that likely no living person but you knows. It's that connection between two people across time, through an idea and written word - it's the closest we'll get to time travel.

Brewing historic recipes is a part of this. The closer I can get to reproducing a beer brewed in the past - the closer I am to having a shared experience with someone from the past. And although I haven't found any local historic beer recipes, I have some ideas of what it would have tasted like.

This beer, named after another piece of Quad Cities history (the Lock and Dam 14), is probably pretty similar to something a Quad Citizen from over 100 years ago would have drank.

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