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The Archcuke

Style: Cucumber-infused Kölsch-style
ABV:   4.9%
Grain: Cologne Malt, Corn, Carafoam
Hops:  Liberty
Extras: cucumbers
Fermented with Cologne yeast
Tasting notes: cucumbers for days, light fresh bread
Pair with: any of our tacos or wings, Summer Salad, or Blistered Shishito Peppers

Brewer's notes:


It's that time of year where my house is overrun by cucumbers. It seems every day my wife heads out to our tiny garden and returns with a dozen enormous cukes. The kids love to eat them, as do the chickens, I try to sneak them into different dishes, but we can't eat them as fast as they're grown. So when I was asked by one of our investors for a cucumber beer, I initially said no, and that I'm sick of cucumbers. But I'm also highly suggestible and easily influenced so after some thought, I decided to take on this challenge.

And a challenge it is. Fruit beers are much easier to brew than vegetable beers. And I know cukes are technically fruits, but come on, who are they fooling? I feel like whoever decided that was much like me - inundated with cucumbers and looking for a way to get rid of them. So I studied up on cucumbers and learned more about them than I ever expected to and decided on the right blend of varieties, sizes, and ripeness. I then infused them into the beer using a new contraption/invention I rigged up that I expect I'll be using a lot in the future. 

And I drew up this quick sketch of The Archcuke, an homage to Archduke Franz Ferdinand which I find hilarious. Let's hope he meets a better end.


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