The Gold

Style: British Golden Ale
ABV:   3.9%
Grain: Golden Promise, Golden Naked Oats, Crystal Light 
Hops:  Fuggle, El Dorado
Fermented with English Yeast
Tasting notes: Shortbread cookies with honey and hints of pear and watermelon.
Pair with: our Summer Salad, Tuna Poke, Beer Mussels, or Moho Tacos

Brewer's notes:

This beer is one of those cases where the recipe started with a name and I worked backwards from there. I had been using Golden Promise malt, Golden Naked Oats, and El Dorado hops in other recipes and thought it would be funny to bring them together into a beer called "City of Gold". Funny to me at least. 


I'm a big fan of British ales and had discovered a style we don't get very often in the US, known as a British Golden Ale. They're low ABV beers with a firm malt backbone that prominently features an American hop. The low ABV along with a lighter body and finish make this style one you can have a lot of – what the Brits call a "session ale". 


I set about dialing this recipe in over multiple tries and it quickly became my go-to beer on my home bar. I hope you enjoy it too. When it's very cold it drinks a lot like an American lager or "lawnmower beer". As it warms up to 45-50F, expect more biscuity malt character and cherry or pear aromatics to come out from the hops. It finishes clean so that you'll be ready for the next pint.