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Style: Festbier with fruit
ABV:   7.1%
Grain: Pilsner
Hops: Liberty, Cascade
Extra: Pomegranate puree
Fermented with German Lager Yeast

Tasting notes: Grapefruit juice, dinner roll, dried flowers

Pair with: BTYF Pretzel, Twin Span Wings

Brewer's notes:

Two of my favorite beer styles are the German Oktoberfest and its close cousin, the Festbier. The former is malty and mellow and the latter is essentially a bigger Pilsner that's ready to party. Since we have our Oktoberfest beer covered with Ryetoberfest, I figured it was time to make a Festbier. And since October isn't for a few more months, let's celebrate patio weather!

This is a traditional German Festbier - 100% German Pils malt, yeast, and water, but it features the OG American craft hop, Cascade, and to wink at summer cocktails - a touch of pomegranate puree. Here's to summertime and to holding us over until October!


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