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Quad City Quad

The Queen Regnant to our City Beer Series, this massive dark beer drinks deceptively light. 

Father of Perl

It's a meal in a glass as this brew smooshes together a hefty stout with delicious fresh whole oysters. 

Family Lunch

An English IPA recipe from 1893. Oak Aged with an aggressive amount of English hops and a crisp finish. 

Double Davenporter

What do you get when you double the size of Davenporter and then age it in whiskey barrels? I'll tell you in a few months when it's ready!

Offsides IPA

We're getting fancy with this wine and beer hybrid. This isn't just a Brut, bruh. This is the real deal.

Twin Span Brewing

6776 Championship Dr, Bettendorf, IA 52722