Coming Soon...

Outa Thyme

A Belgian Witbier with lemon thyme and ginger. Great Scott!!

Nothing On (Maibock)

One of our first beers is coming back! This German lager looks light but is intensely malty and hoppy. Just in time to ring in spring.

Double Davenporter

What do you get when you double the size of Davenporter and then age it in whiskey barrels? I'll tell you in a few months when it's ready!

Janet's Brown Ale

We love homebrewers and homebrewing, so we're hosting #BigBrew this year and releasing one of their suggested recipes created by the late great Tasty McDole.

BBA Quad City Quad

Our massive Quad City Quad made even more massive by spending time in a Mississippi River Distilling Company Cody Road barrel.