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Cool Phone, Bro

Style: kettle soured Berliner Weisse
ABV:   4.0%
Grain: Pilsner, Oats
Hops:  Jarrylo
Extra: blackberries, lactose
Fermented with American yeast
Tasting notes: bright blackberries with tangy sourdough
Pair with: Roasted Cobb Salad, Whole Hog Burger, Cochinita Pibil taco, The Fig flatbread

Brewer's notes:

This is such a simple recipe on paper I wasn't sure it would work at all. On our pilot system, it's one bag of grain, some oats, a lacto culture, then just step away for a couple days. I like to micromanage so that stepping away bit was challenging, but is absolutely necessary. I waited two days and came back to something that was very similar to Moliner Weisse. The recipe's simplicity brought with it some flexibility. This is a canvas on which to paint whatever hops or fruit I want. So I went with blackberries, because well, they're delicious.

And they allow me to give the beer a punny name. It's fun and fruity and doesn't take itself too seriously. I think that's the best way to close out this challenging year. 


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