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Untold Thiccness


Style: Pastry Stout
ABV:   9%
Grain: Vienna, Munich, Chocolate, Pale Chocolate, Roast Barley
Hops:  Magnum
Extra: aged 10 months in a Mississippi River Distilling Company Cody Road Bourbon barrel
Fermented with English yeast

Tasting notes: coconut, bourbon, dark chocolate - rich lucious dessert

Pair with: Bangers & Fries, BBQ Piggy

Brewer's Notes

My old school, curmudgeonly ways are well established. So I surprised myself when it came time to pull one of the MRDC whisky barrels full of Untold Depths and I decided to do something wild with it. But I know my limitations, so I handed creative control of it over to brewer's assistant / sales guy / bartender / etc Austin Wadkins. 

He's into those kind of beers I scoff at. But I also know that lots of people love those kind of beers. So I gave him a budget and a barrel of beer. And reigned him in where I could.

There is an untold number of boxes of brownie batter in this beer. And an untold amount of coconut flakes. It's also thick and delicious. Cheers

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