Two-Year Anniversary


Style: American Strong Ale
ABV:   12.8%
Grain: Pilsner
Hops:  Hallertau Blanc, Nelson Sauvin
Extra: honey
Fermented with Kveik yeast
Tasting notes: honey and orange candy

Pair with: Tuna Poke, Campechano tacos, Margarita flatbread

Brewer's Notes

Last year's Double Davenporter was a double strength version of - you guessed it - Davenporter, which was then aged in a beautiful bourbon barrel with a ton of history. I wanted to do something new this year so I turned my sights on Offside.

This beer is essentially Offside, but more than doubled up with a healthy addition of honey. There is a huge malt presence here and more hops than I've ever added to a beer. It's liquid candy.

That's very much a simplification of this beer. The real story is that it took an enormous amount of babying during fermentation and required me to do some quick thinking and take some risks I hadn't planned for. Which is actually a really apt reflection of the brewery in general. I'm happy with it. Next year is going to be even bigger. Cheers