Strong-Arm Strobbery


Style: Milkshake IPA
ABV:   5.3%
Grain: Pilsner, Wheat, Oats
Hops:  Barbe Rouge, Nelson Sauvin
Extra: milk sugar, strawberries, vanilla
Fermented with weizen yeast

Tasting notes: strawberries and cream, sauvinon blanc wine, mangos

Pair with: hot wings, Nashville Hot Chicken, or by itself as a dessert

Brewer's Notes

I list this as a collaboration with Geneseo Brewing Company, but it's really a collab with their brewer, Rachel Leiby. She started showing up at MUGZ meetings a couple years ago, new to the hobby, but eager to learn more and improve her craft. And she totally has - just try one of her beers at GBC to see for yourself.

Speaking of learning, it was after a Cicerone study session here at Twin Span that Rachel and I started discussing a collab brew. I sent her a text later that night so we wouldn't drop the thread. I wanted to brew a style I've never made before and Rachel wanted to make something bold, so we landed on a Milkshake IPA. We texted back and forth over the following several months, sporadically, on what to use in the recipe and when to brew it. The stars finally aligned and we brewed Strong Arm Strobbery.

As styles go, it's very extra - take an already ridiculously hopped hazy IPA and add a ton of milk sugar. Then add a bunch of vanilla. Then add a bunch of fruit. All the while, don't forget that it's still an IPA so bitterness and hop character still need to be prominent. The grain bill here is very simple - pils, oats, wheat. The hops include the French berry bomb Barbe Rouge, and one of my all-time favorites - Nelson Sauvin - which is one of the dominant flavors in Offside. The yeast was a new genetically modified strain that was supposed to express a ton of banana (it's... there. Maybe.). Over 140 pounds of strawberry puree was added, as well as ounces and ounces of vanilla and strawberry extract. So yeah, ex