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Shiny the Welder


Style: Double IPA
ABV:   8.2%
Grain: Pils, Carafoam, Crystal
Hops: Colombus, Centennial, Simcoe, Amarillo
Fermented with American ale yeast
Tasting notes: whole grain bread, grapefruit, pine resin

Pair with: Whole Hog Burger, Daytona Chicken flatbread

Brewer's Notes

If you're a nerdy enough beer nerd, you already know what this beer is all about. If you're not quite there, I'll help fill in the blanks. There is a beer that consistently wins any poll on the best beer in America. For the most part, it has dominated the top of the charts for well over a decade. Yet, most beer nerds I know haven't tried it yet. It's mostly only available in one state and even then, it can be hard to come by.

I have had it a few times. First, as a dusty bottle smuggled across the country, then as a fresh bottle bought in its home state, more than once I saw it on a tap list only to have the bartender apologize and say it just ran out. Last summer, I had a short layover where I saw it on tap next to my gate. They had already started boarding, but I knew I was pretty far down the list. I took the chance and finally had it on tap. I savored it the best I could within about 5 minutes. Afterwards I thought to myself, "man, I wish I could get this on tap back home."

The beer itself is a west coast double IPA. Arguably THE west coast double IPA. Embodying the piney flavors and aggressive bitterness of the west coast, it sets the bar on the style. A crisp and clear malt bill is there simply to bring the hops back down to Earth and ready you for the next sip.

We lack the equipment and materials to make an exact clone. I wouldn't want to do that anyway. There is something to be said about the exclusivity - the journey required to get such a fabled brew. But I can take that spirit and through a lot of research into interviews with the brewer and clone recipes online and make something pretty dang similar. To misquote the great Tenacious D, this is not the greatest beer in the world, this is just a tribute.

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