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Shadow Density 05


Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 12%

Grain: Pale, Pils, Chocolate, Roast Barley, Brown malt

Extra: pasilla peppers, Mexican chocolate and cinnamon, piloncillo, coffee

Hops: Magnum

Fermented with American yeast

Tasting notes: Dark and milk chocolates with fruity peppers and a hint of hazlenut coffee

Pair with: TSB Hot Waffles, Bangers & Fries

Brewer's Notes

Drinking an imperial stout in the hottest part of the year doesn't always make sense, but it works when you added flavors from somewhere that's hot almost all year. After doing some research online for Mexican desserts and having experimented with Aztec Cocoa in the past, I made a trip to one of the local Mexican markets and loaded up on Mexican chocolate, cinnamon, piloncillo, and peppers. Chef Juan blended them into a puree for me and I topped the whole thing off with coffee from our neighbors at Coffee Hound. Salud!

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