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Shadow Density 03


Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 11%

Grain: Pale, Pils, Chocolate, Roast Barley, Brown malt

Extra: blackberries and blueberries

Hops: Magnum

Fermented with American yeast

Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, coffee, blackberry, blueberry

Pair with: TSB Hot Waffles, Beets & Cheese flatbread

Brewer's Notes

I have working titles on all our beers that I keep in my recipe software as well as internal spreadsheets and emails. The Shadow Density base was called "Mega Stout" and yeah, that's pretty true.

A lot of imperial "adjunct" stouts these days are built with future ingredients in mind. I didn't do that here. I wanted a big, old school RIS and I'd figure out the details later. The first release was PB and Chocolate for Halloween, the second was Peppermint Cocoa for Christmas. Without repeating a candy motif for Valentines, or taking a wild swing at St Pats, Shadow Density 3 goes in a different direction.

I was sitting at the late great Blue Cat bar last year and saw they had a stout with blackberries and blueberries. That sounded delicious. Unfortunately, everyone else had the same idea and it was sold out. I didn't get to try that beer, so I'm trying it here. Charlie, if you're reading this, I owe you a pint ;)

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