Shadow Density 01


Style: Imperial Stout

ABV: 12%

Grain: Pale, Pils, Chocolate, Roast Barley, Brown malt

Extra: peanut butter and chocolate emulsion

Hops: Magnum

Fermented with American yeast

Tasting notes: Dark chocolate and gingerbread along with earthy grain and hints of tobacco.

Pair with: our ""For the Healthy Amigos"" tacos, ""Tacos de Panza"", or Pork BBQ Nachos

Brewer's Notes

I grumbled when pastry stouts first became a thing. In too many cases it felt like the brewer had thrown in as much junk (food) as possible into their mash or kettle without much thought on what that would actually do for the finished beer (hint: hydrogenated oil and beer do not mix). I get why that's fun, and I'll admit to tasting many of those beers, but to this curmudgeon of a brewer, it's just not right, dang it.

I was also a little sore that people were just now getting around to making stouts taste like desserts and had coined the term "pastry stout" without conferring with me, an unknown homebrewer. I'd been making pie flavored beers for years (which would later become the Pylon series here) and one of my personal favorite recipes was a Mexican chocolate cake stout. 

I've since become more open-minded and I'd like to think less of a curmudgeon. And with a don't-knock-it-until-you've-tried-it mindset, I'm starting up a Pastry Stout series. I'm still opposed to adding unnatural fats and food colorings to beer, but if a dessert ingredient makes sense, let's give it a try.

Thus was born the Shadow Density series. It's a mysterious name that also happens to be a nod at my other life which involves working with visual creatives. I'll keep these going until I run out of numbers or dessert ideas, whichever comes first.