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Rockem Sockem


Style: Ponche inspired English Barleywine
ABV:   9.7%
Grain: Maris Otter, Crystal Rye
Hops:  East Kent Goldings
Extra: guava, orange, plum, piloncillo, tamarind, cinnamon
Fermented with English ale yeast
Tasting notes: caramel and barley with mulled stone fruit punch

Pair with: Big Blue Burger, Diablo Chicken flatbread

Brewer's Notes

It should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that I love a good drinking tradition. One of my favorites, I was introduced to just last year by our chef Juan. It's known as a Ponche Navideno or "Christmas Punch" and consists of a rum or dark beer base mixed with guava, tamarind, piloncillo, plums, oranges, and cinnamon. As the name implies, it's typically drank around Christmas, but really it's perfect for any cold time of the year.

Last year I used the QC Quad as a base. This year, I went in with another style perfect for this time of year, an English Barleywine. The result is a little maltier and chewier base. I then added loads more of the fruits and spices. This is a bold beer that I guarantee will warm the coldest person this winter. Cheers!

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