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Rice Breaker


ABV:   3.9%

Grain: Pilsner, Rice

Hops:  Alora

Extra: white miso

Fermented with lager yeast

Tasting notes: tuzu, pineapple, cooked rice

Pair with: Tuna Poke or The Apple of Your Eye Salad

Brewer's Notes

The idea for this beer started many moons ago as a collaboration with another brewery that we could never line up due to our busy schedules. We both love rice lagers, and neither of us had ever brewed one before. I eventually got tired of waiting for the planets to align and just went ahead and brewed it. I'm leaving the brewery nameless as I'm still holding hope we'll make something similar in the future.

What makes the beer special? Well, it's the rice. As lager yeast generates very little fermentation flavor, the base ingredients are what you'll taste. Most beers are made with barley, so this is rice's time to shine. In the middle of formulating this recipe I stumbled across a new hop breed called Alora. The first flavor descriptor was "yuzu" so I knew it had to go in this beer. It was a fun beer to design and brew. I hope you enjoy drinking it. Kanpai!

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