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Penjamin Button


Style: Pale Ale
ABV:   5%
Grain: Pilsner
Hops:  Magnum, El Dorado
Extra: a blend of 5 THC/CBD-free cannabis terpenes
Fermented with English ale yeast
Tasting notes: an alternate universe dank soda

Pair with: Twin Span Nachos, Twin Span Wings

Brewer's Notes

This beer was definitely a name in search of a beer. A name that Austin pitched to me I think as a joke, but I took it seriously.

We've been playing with cannabis-derived terpenes for quite some time now, but it's always been to complement the hop profile - add a little extra dank to the equation. This beer flips the script and is almost entirely terpenes for the sake of dankness - hops do not factor into this profile. We blended 5 different varieties of terpenes - 4 of which were in equal volume, with the 5th (Pineapple Express, natch) as the star of the show.

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