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Liquid Luck


Brewer's Notes

This is a light, crispy lager with a balanced bitterness like all Pilsners, but I used all Belgian ingredients here. I love the malt – it expresses as sort of like a shortbread cookie. The water profile is that of Antwerp, Belgium so it’s way more minerally than normal Pils – think Evian vs Dasani. The yeast was German lager yeast, but halfway through the ferment I tossed in Belgian ale yeast and cranked up the temperature to give it a touch of that clovey Belgian funk.

The name comes from the hops. There’s a hefty dose of Elixir hops, which is marketed as tangerine and tropical fruit, but I get more strawberry, rose water, some wildflower, and almost a bit of oak and leather. “Liquid Luck” is an elixir that gives you good luck in the wizarding world and I am a nerd, so there ya go.


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