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Glizzy Goblin


ABV:   8.2%
Grain: Pilsner, Wheat, Oats
Hops:  Centennial, Amarillo, Mosaic

Fermented with Kveik ale yeast
Tasting notes: Like taking a big drink of orange juice after biting into some whole grain bread.

Pair with: Whole Hog burger, Campechano tacos

Brewer's Notes

I was out in DC earlier this year when I first heard about "glizzies" as regional slang for "hot dogs". I don't remember the context, just that I didn't care enough to dig into why they were called that.

A few months later, I'm designing a beer to maximize haze, so I decide to make a true DDH DIPA. "True" in that it would be double the normal amount of dry hops split into two separate additions. It's a ridiculous amount of hops - an absolutely unheard of amount just a few years ago.

While making this gargantuan beer, I started hearing the term "glizzy" here in the Quad Cities. I decide to finally look up the history of the word and in doing so, I discover the term "glizzy goblin" as someone that eats a lot of hot dogs. I don't know why, but that just cracked me up. It's so dumb, but I was in tears. I told my wife about this new factoid and she surprisingly thought it was as funny as I did. I told a few other people and they cracked up too.

That's it. Not all beer names have clever names with historical significance. Sometimes a beer with a ridiculous amount of hops needs an equally ridiculous name.

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