Gator Done


Style: German Leichtbier / Radler
ABV:   3.6%
Grain: Pilsner
Hops:  Liberty
Extra: lemon and lime flavors, electrolytes
Fermented with German lager yeast
Tasting notes: like a German lager blended with lemon lime sports drink

Pair with: workout recovery, any of our salads, Tuna Poke

Brewer's Notes

I have this personal goal of brewing all 80+ official beer styles. This one, which I've billed as a "Leichtbier" is a first for me. It's a  real German beer style created as a counterpart to their Pilsner (much like we have "Light" or "Lite" lagers here in the US). The stats - IBU, ABV, etc - are all in compliance with the style. The addition of shamlessly artificial lemon and lime flavors along with electrolytes is so out of compliance that if you listen closely, that sound you're hearing is every deceased German brewer spinning in their graves. 

I won't attempt to bill this beer as a "healthier beer" or anything, but it's fun. Beer should be fun. Maybe that's a good new year's resolution for all of us - just have more fun.

Cheers to another year!