Field to Table


Style: Saison
ABV:   5.9%
Grain: Pilsner, Rye, Wheat, Oats, Corn
Hops:  Magnum, Liberty, Crystal
Extra: Iowa grown hops, local honey, aged on French oak
Fermented with Belgian yeast
Tasting notes: candied orange hops, wildflower honey, raw oak, biscuit
Pair with: Fall Salad, Big Blue burger

Brewer's Notes

Saison as a style is the ultimate expression of terroir. The word 'saison' is French for "season" and the alleged history is that it was brewed by farmhouses in harvest season to slake the thirst of workers in the coming planting season, often using excess grains from the harvest. Because of that, the recipe would change every year based on the harvest.

Twin Span isn't a farmhouse, and all of our grain comes from brewing supply companies, but that doesn't mean we can't tip our hats to farmers. This beer uses a mix of grains grown in the midwest - wheat, oats, rye, and corn all show up here. A significant amount of honey is added from an Iowan apiary, as well as a healthy dose of Crystal hops I watched get harvested and processed (read about that here). This beer was then aged on French oak as a wink to style's history (and our own local history). 

This is very much a product of the land, and even though the brewery doesn't have any farmland, I hope this beer can slake the thirst of any planters or harvesters that stop on by.