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Style: Hazy DIPA

ABV: 8.0%

Grain: Pils, Oats

Extra: gummy worm extract

Hops: Citra, Amarillo, Mosaic

Fermented with a New England yeast blend

Tasting notes: lychee, orange, fruit cereal, gummy worms

Pair with: Twin Span Nachos, Rollin' with the Lobsta

Brewer's Notes

Two different beer trips inspired this beer. The first - I was in Boston recently and realized one of the most hypest hyped breweries in the world was only a short 20 minute cab ride away.  This brewery allegedly makes the best hazy IPAs in the world so I had to go check for myself.

That 20 minute ride turned into over 2 hours thanks to abnormally bad (even for Boston) traffic. I can say it's rare for any beer to live up to its hype, but they were plenty tasty. And they were different. Tasting them confirmed the rumor that they were using a special yeast blend. So of course, I had to give that a try back home.

Also right around that time, I was at a brewers' conference and had a wonderful soda that tasted like gummy worms. I asked the supplier how they achieved that flavor. They took down my information and sent me flavor samples. The hop blend I was using already in this new hazy IPA already reminded me of hop candy so I figured why not close the gap with some candy flavor?


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