Style: 19th Century Pale Ale
ABV:   4.2%
Grain: Ye Olde English Malt
Hops:  Fuggles

Fermented with English ale yeast
Tasting notes: Scottish shortbread cookie eaten in a smokey Texas BBQ joint

Pair with: Moho Tacos, Brisket sandwich

Brewer's Notes

Owner and brewer at Blue Cat, Charlie Cole, and I are good brewing buddies, regularly bouncing brewing ideas and techniques off each other. So when he said "let's collab on something", I knew we'd make something fun and unique. 

At the time, he was putting in an order with midwest based craft maltster Sugar Creek Malt, so I hopped on board and we both ordered an interesting sounding malt, "Ye Olde English". Neither of us had tried that malt, so we decided to feature it in a SMaSH brew (Single Malt and Single Hop). And in ye olde english times, low ABV, high bitterness beers were popular, so we added a bunch of the English hop Fuggle. At that time, they would have served the beer on oak, so I toasted fresh American oak and aged the beer on that.

Charlie's version is slightly different, so I highly recommend you try them both. Cheers!