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Brother Jefe


Style: Belgian Blonde

ABV: 7.2%

Grain: Belgian Pils, Belgian Pale

Extra: clementine terpenes

Hops: Jarrylo

Fermented with Trappist yeast

Tasting notes: fresh white bread, white pepper, coriander, sherbet-like citrus

Pair with: TSB Hot Waffles, Bangers & Fries

Brewer's Notes

A year or so ago, we released a beer named "La Jefe". It was a play on words of the name of my favorite Belgian Blonde. I didn't realize there was a brewery across town (Radicle Effects Brew Works) that regularly brewed a "El Jefe". If they made the connection, they didn't care as they never said anything. They're cool people there. BUT I still wanted to add some distance between the names.

It's not only a name change. Whereas La Jefe used a Belgian farmhouse strain of yeast, Brother Jefe uses a Trappist yeast - something the monks in the brewing monasteries regularly use. And to add an extra twist, I added some Clementine terpenes. Terpenes are all natural, aromatic oils, typically used to scent marijuana. Since hops and marijuana are cousins, it makes sense to use them in beer.

I do have a brother named Jeff, but he isn't a monk and I know "jefe" is actually Spanish for "boss". Coming up with names is difficult. This fruity, spicy, and dank beer is not difficult. 


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