Style: Weissbier mit Banane
ABV:   5%
Grain: German Pils, Wheat, Carafoam, Munich
Hops:  Jarrylo
Extra: a bananas amount of banana puree
Fermented with German Weiss yeast
Tasting notes: ripe bananas and fresh baked bread

Pair with: BTYF Pretzel, Adobo Chicken Tacos

Brewer's Notes

Weissbiers are some of the most fun beers to brew. Their yeast is predictable, but highly temperamental. If the yeast is kept calm and put on a healthy diet, they produce spicy clove flavors. If they're given a less controlled diet and are let run wild, they produce banana. If you cajole them into partying, they produce bubblegum.

The Germans tend to favor a balance if not a slight preference towards clove. Americans tend to go for banana or even bubblegum. That banana flavor is worth calling out - it has been accused of being "artificial" - which it is in most beers as most beers aren't adding real bananas. That flavor is formally known as "isoamyl acetate" - a naturally occurring flavor in bananas and weissbiers. It's just that the bananas that we can find at the grocery store these days have much less isoamyl acetate than they did in the past when the banana candies and banana cooking extracts were created.

My thought process on this beer is "how do we make something more banana than bananas?" So I coaxed the yeast into producing as much isoamyl acetate as possible and then added just a ridiculous, over-budget amount of banana puree. It was a messy brew day, but I crammed in about a pound and a half of bananas per gallon of beer. Any more than that and I may very well break something in the brewery or at the bar. It's thicc. What I'm saying is, this shit is bananas. B.A.N.A.N.A.S.