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Apple Pylon

Style: Fruit Beer
ABV:   7.0%
Grain: Pilsner, Vienna, Munich, Oats
Hops:  Magnum
Fermented with English yeast
Tasting notes: apple pie or cobbler with notes of cinnamon and buttery crust
Pair with: great as a post-meal dessert on its own

Brewer's notes:

I've brewed an apple beer annually since I started homebrewing. The first one I made was the first beer of mine that my wife actually liked. Unfortunately, I immediately lost that recipe so every subsequent brew has been an attempt to recapture that thunder. Some have been more successful than others.  


Whenever I tell a non-brewer that I have or I'm working on an apple beer, they get excited. Whenever I tell a brewer, I get looks of concern. Concern that maybe I've missed the memo that apple beers aren't any good and why bother when hard cider exists. They lose their concern once they've tried the beer and I get that extra special word in their response - "Hey, this is actually pretty good".  


Just like Cherry Pylon, I'm looking for the flavors of a pie, rather than adding an actual pie into the kettle (there are brewers who do that!). Unlike Cherry Pylon though, you can't add whole apples into the kettle or fermentor, like some kind of Halloween party. The beer wouldn't taste much like apples and you'd get some... interesting flavors from the flesh and meat of the apple. I also didn't want to add artificial apple flavoring. It was a thin line I had to walk here. 


And the release of this coinciding with the release of an apple version of an Iowa favorite macro lager is just that – a coincidence 😊 


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