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80 North

Style: American Strong Ale / Imperial IPA
ABV:   9.7%
Grain: US 2-Row, Corn, Belgian malt
Hops:  Centennial, CTZ
Fermented with Pacific Northwest Yeast
Tasting notes: Intense piney resin and citrus notes up front, followed by honey biscuit sweetness.
Pair with: our Twin Span Wings, Seared Tuna Salad, or Nashville Hot Chicken Tacos

Brewer's notes:

Twin Span sits right off Interstate 80 which heads east and west. I had a recipe for 80 West – a tribute to one of my favorite styles, the West Coast IPA – ready to go with ingredients on hand. It was going to aggressively hopped with dank and piney Pacific Northwest hops, a complex enough malt bill to keep things in check, and finish briskly around 7% ABV. Then Covid-19 happened and we weren't sure how or when we could open the brewery. So I flipped the script and changed the beer into something that could survive the shutdown and potential apocalypse. 


There is a West Coast IPA in here, but everything has been intensified. There are still loads of dank, resinous, and citrusy hops, and they're still kept in line with a bold malt-bill that would fit in perfectly in Portland or Seattle, but my god, I've made a monster here. This thing is 9.7% ABV and I had to triple check my numbers because it tastes like a smaller West Coast IPA. After drinking my first glass of it I could feel that yes, my numbers are correct. Be careful with this one. 


If you're a style geek like me, this falls into either the American Strong Ale or Double IPA category, but I don't think either does this justice. I took it in its own direction. 



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